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Video Tutorials Added to the Knowledgebase

09/03/2014 16:45

A tutorial on the 5 minute Model Trading Strategy has been added to the Knowledgebase/video section .

How To Avoid Getting Whipsawed by HFT's After News Releases

12/02/2011 13:59

Steven Hammer has published another piece on Seeking Alpha.  This article describes the November 29, 2011 Consumer Confidence release and the subsequent activity by HFT's.  It explains what type...

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High Frequency Trading Explained

11/10/2011 17:09

Dave Fry, founder and publisher of ETF Digest, and Steve Hammer, founder of HFT Alert, discuss high frequency trading, it's fundamentals and the difference between HFT's and algorithmic trading....

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Monitoring For Algorithms: A new capability in a computerized market

10/17/2011 06:25

HFT Alert's Steve Hammer has posted this story on the website Seeking Alpha.  To view either visit www.seekingalpha.com or click THIS LINK .

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