The Delineator Journal

The Delineator and Accumulator are very powerful analytical tools that can support dozens of trading strategies. The best way I have found to teach new users is to teach them to trade intraday SPY/ES ranges in our SPY75 strategy, going home flat every night.

SPY75 targets 50 cent SPY ranges (or ES equivalent) in 1 of 5 different setups which you will learn. I post important information in real time on the Delineator Journal to coach you to identify and act upon the setups provided by the software. In our ChatRoom, we discuss activity in real time and answer your questions so that you can learn by doing. In less than 2 weeks you will be making your first SPY75 trade and understand what the software does and does not do.

Here are our results so far for 2020. We also show the performance since 2016.

There are 2 sections to the Journal:
  • The Secondary Delineator where the main trend is identified and discussed.
  • The Primary Delineator which identifies sub cycles within the main trend and where I do my posting to teach users how to read and apply the information.

  • I comment throughout the day to assist users in identifying the various chart patterns and setups as they occur. I end each day with a Closing Read where I summarize the day and predict the motion of the Primary Delineator for the next day. I also toss in my personal experience acquired through 43 years of trading and money management.

    The Delineator Journal is not a blog. I focus my commentary on my software and what it is telling us about the market. Delineator users learn to predict the trend, not follow it. That is the main difference between my software and most other programs. It tells you when and in what direction to trade.

We can teach you in 3 weeks to be a better trader. Ready to start?

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