High Frequency and algorithmic trading systems have changed the behavior of the markets, making them much easier and dependable to trade than ever before

That's right, you read correctly, EASIER and MORE DEPENDABLE to trade.

While the press will tell you how bad HFT is, the reverse is actually true and you will see that as over a thousand people have already learned.

I've been making a living in the market for 40 years and I'll show you how much better your trading can be if you learn to use my Delineator and Accumulator programs.

Steven Hammer


I began my career in the securities industry in 1980 as a stock broker for several firms in Boulder and Denver, Colorado. During these years, I participated in investment banking, venture funding, wholesale market making and of course trading.

In 1990 I started an investment advisory firm here in Santa Barbara, Ca. focusing on growth investing. I started a pure technology fund during the bear market of 1994 believing that technology would be the driving force in our economy. CyberFund was one of the first crossover funds that invested both in public and private technology companies. I retired from the money management industry in 2003.

I have always been fascinated by price behavior and technical analysis. I designed all of the computer based analytical systems my firm used to manage over $250 million in our client portfolios. While we either added or removed core positions based upon the company's fundamentals, our software was responsible for telling us when to be buyers and sellers.

What makes my software so different is that it is not price based--no moving averages, no channels, no candlesticks and no trend lines or charts with lines moving out in all directions. My software is designed to identify reversals in price which lead to larger profits.

Based upon my experience in market making and as portfolio manager/trader, I designed software that could identify certain characteristics that appear in the tape. As market makers, we typically saw both sides of the trade, and as portfolio managers, we certainly knew which trades were ours. This information is there on the tape if you know what to look for. I designed the Accumulator in 1998 to read the tape in these ways and it has been working for me ever since, even more so now as HFT and algorithmic trading systems have turned the tape into a torrent of information.

In 2009 I started offering my software on a subscription basis to individual investors and traders. I began writing the Delineator Journal during the day to help my users learn how to use my software, its disciplines and provide insights into the market I've learned over 40 years.

My software takes time to learn and I am dedicated, as my users will tell you, to helping them be successful. If you're looking for a black box that spits out money, when you find it, please let me know. Being consistent is hard work and the only black box that does work is the one between your ears.

I have a diverse group of users, but we all share a common goal: Consistent profits. My Delineator and Accumulator programs have proven their worth to me since 1998, through all types of markets.